Complete Guide to Japanese Escort Services: Ultimate Navigation to Enjoy Japan’s Nightlife 5 Times More for Visiting Foreigners


For visiting foreigners, Japanese escort services are an intriguing yet complex form of entertainment. Wanting to flirt with Japanese women and use escort services but not knowing how to access them can be frustrating. By reading this article, you will understand everything about using Japanese escort services!

In this article, we will explain the system of Japanese delivery health (Deriharu) in detail and guide you on how to use it. This includes how to make reservations, types of services, pricing systems, and safe usage methods. I have also experienced confusion when trying to use escort services overseas without knowing how they work, and I have regretted blindly using bad establishments. However, with a clear understanding and appropriate knowledge, visiting foreigners can enjoy this unique service safely. We will also touch on cultural differences and legal precautions to provide the knowledge to avoid trouble.

Therefore, this article will comprehensively cover the basics of Deriharu, how to make reservations, legal aspects, etiquette during use, and personal experience-based advice. We will focus on problems that foreigners might face and provide specific solutions. By the end of this article, you will fully understand Japanese delivery health and have all the necessary information to enjoy it safely. You will be able to use Japanese escort services and create the best memories.

  1. Understanding the Basics of Japanese Escort Services: Delivery Health
    1. What is Deriharu?
    2. Legal Restrictions
    3. Common Services
    4. Why Use Deriharu?
    5. Benefits for Visiting Foreigners
  2. The Process of Using Escort Services
    1. 1. Inquiries via LINE or WhatsApp
    2. 2. Service Areas
    3. 3. Pricing and Additional Fees
    4. 4. Support for First-Time Users
    5. 5. Communication with Women
    6. 6. Service Flow
  3. How to Spend Waiting Time When Using Escort Services
    1. Dim the Room
    2. Clean the Room
    3. Check the Woman’s Profile
    4. Prepare the Money
    5. Groom Yourself
  4. Safe Use of Delivery Health: Knowledge and Preparation are Key
  5. Reservation Methods
  6. Pricing System
  7. How to Identify Good Establishments
  8. Points to Note When Using Services
  9. Reservation Methods
  10. Painful Experience of Being Scammed on the Street
  11. Differences Between Soaplands and Delivery Health and the Appeal of Delivery Health
  12. The Basic Differences Between Soaplands and Delivery Health
    1. Soaplands vs. Delivery Health
    2. The Unique Appeal of Deriharu: The “Sumata” Technique
  13. Understanding the Law and Safety
    1. The Legal Framework of Japan’s Sex Industry
    2. Safe Use of Deriharu
    3. Commitment to Safety
  14. Interview with John: Experience with the Escort Service “Luxurious Moments“
  15. Introduction
    1. Reservation Time and Cost
    2. Meeting Story
    3. Final Thoughts
    4. Closing Comments
  16. My Experience with Delivery Health: “Luxurious Moments“
  17. First Delivery Health Experience
    1. Reasons for Choosing and Impressive Experience
    2. Meeting the Beautiful Lady
    3. Why I Recommend This Store
  18. The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Delivery Health
  19. Steps to Actually Experience Delivery Health:
    1. Selecting a Service
    2. Reservation Method
    3. Points to Note During Use
    4. Payment
  20. How to Connect with Samurai Night via WhatsApp:
  21. How to Access “Luxurious Moments”:

Understanding the Basics of Japanese Escort Services: Delivery Health

What is Deriharu?

Delivery health (Deriharu) is a type of sex service where women are dispatched to the client’s designated location (mainly hotels or homes). This service offers complete privacy and convenience, making it very attractive to users.

Legal Restrictions

The operation of Deriharu in Japan is regulated by strict laws. Services are provided within the legally recognized range, ensuring the safety of both users and service providers. This is especially reassuring for foreign tourists.

Common Services

Deriharu services range from enjoying conversations to massages and adult services. Services are diverse and customizable to meet the client’s needs. Deriharu is known for its flexibility and generally offers many options.

Why Use Deriharu?

The biggest advantages of using Deriharu are its convenience and privacy. You can enjoy a relaxed environment at your hotel or home while receiving high-quality services. Additionally, since services are legally protected, reliability in terms of safety increases.

Benefits for Visiting Foreigners

For foreigners staying in Japan, Deriharu can be a window to experiencing Japanese night culture. You can safely and legally enjoy the services without worrying about cultural differences or language barriers. Additionally, experiencing Japan’s unique sex culture will enrich your stay.

The Process of Using Escort Services

1. Inquiries via LINE or WhatsApp

First, make an inquiry using LINE or WhatsApp. These apps have simultaneous translation functions, allowing smooth conversations. Especially LINE is widely used in Japan, so many services support it.

2. Service Areas

Women will guide you to your hotel in the 23 wards of Tokyo. Generally, escort services charge “transportation fees,” but the escort service “Zeitaku na Hitotoki” offers these transportation fees for free.

3. Pricing and Additional Fees

There are no special charges for foreigners. Also, there are no additional charges beyond the price confirmed via LINE, so you can use it with peace of mind.

4. Support for First-Time Users

For first-time users, a male staff member will accompany you and read the notes with you. This explanation is not at all intimidating and is done in a friendly atmosphere, so you can relax.

5. Communication with Women

The women’s English conversation skills are not perfect, but they try their best to communicate. Also, using translation apps can help make your time enjoyable.

6. Service Flow

The basic flow of the service is as follows:

  • Take a shower together
  • Enjoy bed play
  • Take a shower together again before saying goodbye

This flow allows you to spend a relaxing time.

How to Spend Waiting Time When Using Escort Services

When using escort services, waiting in the hotel can be very exciting. I always feel excited and restless. Here are some recommended ways to spend this time effectively.

Dim the Room

It’s recommended to dim the room while you wait. Many Japanese women value the mood, so creating a good atmosphere can make you appear cool.

Clean the Room

Keeping the room clean is also important. Even if it’s a hotel for escort services, being messy might make you seem rough. On the other hand, a clean room will earn you points with the woman.

Check the Woman’s Profile

Checking the profile of the woman you booked is also a good idea. The profile includes recommended information from the shop and possible plays, so you’ll enjoy your time more when you meet her.

Prepare the Money

It’s crucial to prepare the money in advance so you can hand it over immediately. This helps avoid any disputes about payment.

Groom Yourself

Don’t forget to check your appearance. Make sure your nails aren’t too long, your beard is neat, and you don’t smell like cigarettes. This will make you more likable.

Safe Use of Delivery Health: Knowledge and Preparation are Key

Reservation Methods

The reservation process for delivery health is usually done through the service’s website or by phone. Many delivery health services publish profiles of available women online, allowing you to choose in advance. When making a reservation, it is important to clearly state your preferred time, location, and specific requests.

Pricing System

The cost of delivery health services varies depending on the type of service, the popularity of the woman, and the duration. Basic fees often include a dispatch fee, but additional charges may apply for specific requests (such as cosplay or the use of toys). It is advisable to choose establishments that provide a clear pricing system.

How to Identify Good Establishments

To identify reliable delivery health establishments, pay attention to the following points:

  • Reputation: Check online reviews and ratings, and refer to feedback from other users.
  • Transparency: Ensure the pricing system is clear and that additional charges are honestly explained.
  • Privacy Protection: Choose establishments with a solid policy on handling personal information and respecting user privacy.
  • Professionalism: Ensure that the reservation process is handled professionally and courteously, with clear and easy-to-understand answers to your questions.

Points to Note When Using Services

When using delivery health services, pay attention to the following:

  • Legal Constraints: Understand the laws and regulations of the region where you are using the service, and ensure you are within the legal limits.
  • Health and Safety: Ensure the service provider conducts health checks and follows safety protocols.

Reservation Methods

Escort services that welcome visiting foreigners typically accept reservations via messaging apps like “WhatsApp” or “LINE.” However, staff members’ English may not be perfect, making it challenging to get clear answers over the phone. Messaging, on the other hand, ensures you get accurate responses, and you can refer back to the message exchanges later.

Many escort services use “WhatsApp,” but “LINE” is the most familiar social media platform for Japanese people and has a simultaneous translation function, making communication smoother.

When making a reservation, providing the following information will ensure smooth and secure guidance:

  • DATE:
  • Time:
  • Course:
  • Name:
  • Nationality:
  • Language:
  • Hotel:

Painful Experience of Being Scammed on the Street

Shinjuku has many “professional scammers” targeting tourists. If you want to enjoy Japan’s nightlife, never listen to any service solicitations on the street. The streets are lawless zones where, if any trouble arises, there’s no place to complain, and the scammers can easily escape.

It is essential to choose places that are properly listed on reputable portal sites. Even if someone on the street tells you, “This is the place from this website,” never believe them.

I was actually scammed! I used an escort service introduced by a man who approached me on the street, and it was a big failure. I was supposed to meet a slender, big-breasted beauty named Megumi, but the person I met was an overweight woman of unknown nationality.

Since you have come all the way to Japan, I don’t want you to experience the same failure as SamuraiNight.

Differences Between Soaplands and Delivery Health and the Appeal of Delivery Health

The Basic Differences Between Soaplands and Delivery Health

The Japanese sex industry is diverse, with many different types of services. Delivery health (Deriharu) is particularly popular among foreign tourists. This is due to the unique appeal of Deriharu and its clear differences from Soaplands.

Soaplands vs. Delivery Health

Soaplands offer massage and water-based services, characterized by full intercourse. In contrast, Deriharu, also known as “out-call health services,” involves women visiting designated locations (usually hotels or homes). Due to legal restrictions, Deriharu cannot offer intercourse, which is allowed in Soaplands.

The Unique Appeal of Deriharu: The “Sumata” Technique

One of the greatest attractions of Deriharu is the “sumata” technique. This involves using lotion to rub parts of the body together for pleasure. This technique is unique to Japan and is highly interesting to many visiting foreigners as a new experience.

Sumata is technically challenging and requires experience and skill to execute properly. Skilled Deriharu performers can provide customers with unforgettable experiences. Many foreign visitors have reported finding sumata even more pleasurable than intercourse, leading to repeat visits to Japanese Deriharu services.

Understanding the Law and Safety

The Legal Framework of Japan’s Sex Industry

In Japan, the sex industry is regulated by the “Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business.” Dispatch-type sex services like Deriharu operate legally by excluding certain acts. This law strictly defines permissible activities to ensure public order and decency.

Safe Use of Deriharu

When using Deriharu, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Choosing a Reliable Service: Select a service with transparent operations and good user reviews for safety.
  • Confirming Service Details: Check the details of the services offered in advance and inquire about any unclear points.
  • Transparency in Pricing: Ensure the pricing is clear and there are no hidden charges.
  • Protecting Personal Information: Choose a service that handles personal information appropriately.

Commitment to Safety

Many reputable Deriharu providers have strict internal rules to ensure the safety of customers and employees. This includes regular health check-ups for employees and hygiene management during service provision. Understanding and adhering to these legal and safety guidelines will allow visiting foreigners to enjoy Japan’s unique sex culture safely.

Interview with John: Experience with the Escort Service “Luxurious Moments“


To all visiting foreigners, we present the experience of John, a foreigner who used the escort service “Luxurious Moments.” Through this interview, we hope to deepen your understanding of the appeal and use of Japan’s legal sex services.

Reservation Time and Cost

  • Duration: 2 hours – 40,000 yen +
  • Booking Method: Direct contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)
  • Date: May 2023
  • Location: Out-call love hotel (selectable)

Meeting Story

Every time I come back to Tokyo, this is my go-to place. I always make sure to book here whenever I return. You can make reservations in English via LINE, with no additional foreigner fees, and free transportation anywhere within Tokyo. Additionally, the girls are very cute! I recommend checking each girl’s profile before booking, as price ranges may vary by class. Each girl has a foreigner status (NG, speaks Japanese, everything OK), so it’s good to check that as well.

The booking process is very easy, and they accept booking confirmations via LINE, so you don’t necessarily need a Japanese phone number. Ao was very cute and could converse in English as stated on her profile page. She is half-Japanese, which gave her a typically cute Chinese appearance to me. Her makeup tended to look more Chinese than usual Japanese styles (more mascara and eyeliner). However, note that her tattoos are hidden in the photos. I recall she had quite a few, but they were small and not noticeable up close.

She provided the service kindly without breaking any laws. Although she seemed a bit young, she didn’t lack experience in the services or our interactions. I felt comfortable and relaxed, with most conversations conducted in English.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this service. I’ll use it again.

Closing Comments

I have been using this service for quite a long time (even before COVID-19!), and it has always provided the best service for me. The first time I used it, the driver (or someone?) came with the girl and explained the fees and obligations, which I appreciated. Since that first meeting, this has never happened again, and there was no sense of intimidation. They were very polite and even had Google Translate ready (they were surprised I spoke broken Japanese at the time, haha). I believe it was just out of courtesy.

I highly recommend this place. Fair pricing (honestly, very reasonable compared to other high-end escort services I’ve compared), the girls match their photos, and the staff are generally very accommodating. I’ve never encountered a girl who wasn’t up to par.

Based on John’s experience, we hope you have a wonderful time with “Zeitaku na Hitotoki.” May this guide help you make special memories in Japan using escort services.

My Experience with Delivery Health: “Luxurious Moments“

First Delivery Health Experience

Reasons for Choosing and Impressive Experience

The main reasons I chose “Zeitaku na Hitotoki” were its clean reputation and top-level service. The store’s website is well-equipped for foreign languages, allowing me to make reservations with confidence even before arriving. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the professional attitude of the staff.

I chose the “Standard Course,” and the woman was not only visually appealing but also very courteous in her service. She was attentive to my specific needs, providing a relaxing time. What particularly surprised me was the “sumata” technique she used. This is a uniquely Japanese play that involves using lotion to create an extremely erotic experience without insertion. This technique allowed me to experience a unique pleasure that can’t be found elsewhere.

Meeting the Beautiful Lady

The woman dispatched by the store, Saki, exceeded my expectations in beauty. She embodied the Oriental beauty typical of Japanese women and had a healing presence that made me feel completely relaxed during our time together. Her slightly glamorous body excited me greatly. Her service was not merely physical; it included massages and Japanese language lessons, providing a sense of spiritual healing. I strongly felt the spirit of “omotenashi” (hospitality) in Japanese culture.

Why I Recommend This Store

“Zeitaku na Hitotoki” is known for its transparent operations and sincere commitment to customer safety. All fees were clear, and there were no additional charges afterward. They are very careful with handling personal information, providing a sense of security with complete privacy. The staff undergo regular health check-ups, and hygiene management is thorough.

Through this experience, I strongly recommend “Zeitaku na Hitotoki.” Experiencing this excellent service during your visit to Japan will undoubtedly enrich your trip with wonderful memories. If you want to experience Japanese delivery health in a safe and comfortable environment, this store is the best choice.

I learned a lot from this experience and realized that Japanese delivery health is more than just adult entertainment; it offers curiosity and personal healing. I hope visiting foreigners will make this unique experience their own, as it will make their stay in Japan even richer.

The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Delivery Health

Experiencing Japanese delivery health services is a unique and exciting adventure for visiting foreign men. Here, we provide specific steps to safely and enjoyably use this unique service.

Steps to Actually Experience Delivery Health:

Selecting a Service

Research reputable delivery health stores online and check the service content and pricing system. To ensure safety and reliability, choose stores with many reviews and transparency.

Reservation Method

Most delivery health stores can be easily booked online or by phone. Some stores also offer English support for those not proficient in Japanese.

Points to Note During Use

On the day of use, meet the delivery health girl at the scheduled time and place. Courtesy is highly valued in Japanese sex services, so it is important to treat the provider with respect.


It is common to pay the fee before using the service. To avoid additional charges, confirm all service details and fees in advance.

How to Connect with Samurai Night via WhatsApp:

For support during your visit and further information, you can connect directly with Samurai Night through WhatsApp. All services are free. We provide the latest information and safe ways to enjoy Japan’s nightlife.

Connect with Samurai Night

Additionally, we are offering customized advice and booking support for a limited time at no cost. As a special gift, receive a free voucher for a Japanese kimono and anime cosplay, which can be used with Tokyo’s escort services. This is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip to Japan!

How to Access “Luxurious Moments”:

You can make reservations directly through the official website of “Luxurious Moments.” Simply fill out the required fields on the form, and within just five minutes, you’ll be set for an unforgettable experience. This process will make your night in Japan even more special.

Visit Luxurious Moments

Remember to mention “Seen at Samurai Night” to enjoy a special benefit of a free kimono cosplay, usually costing $15.

To All Visiting Foreign Men:

Please refer to these steps to safely and thoroughly enjoy Japan’s escort services. Samurai Night is committed to making your visit to Japan unforgettable. Access now, book your experience, and elevate your nightlife in Japan to a new level, creating memories that will last a lifetime!