Exclusive Interview with a Woman Working in Escort Services!



When visiting a new country and using an escort service for the first time, you might wonder, “What kind of women work there?” However, real information about the women working in these services is hard to find on the internet.

But this time, I successfully interviewed a woman working in a Japanese escort service! This exclusive information can only be found here.

When I first used an escort service in Bangkok, Thailand, I was also curious and concerned about the women who would come. However, getting to know the women enhanced my enjoyment of the service many times over.

Therefore, on this page, I will share a candid interview with a woman working in a Japanese escort service. By the end of this article, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the women working in Japan’s escort services, allowing you to enjoy Japan’s nightlife five times more.

Interview with Rika

This time, I spoke with Rika, a woman working in a legal adult entertainment service in Japan. Rika has over five years of experience in this industry and has served many foreign clients. We talked about her job satisfaction and challenges, the important things she values when meeting men, and memorable episodes.

“When I meet customers, I always go with the mindset of enjoying the time together with them!”

Rika’s Background

After graduating from university, Rika worked in a regular company before switching to the adult entertainment industry. She currently works at a major escort service, “Luxurious Moments,” in the Tokyo area, which is particularly popular with tourists and has many foreign repeat customers.

Views on the Industry and Job

Rika understands the anxiety tourists might feel when using escort services and takes pride in this job, where she can convey the charm of Japan. Her greatest satisfaction comes from seeing customers happy with their time together, saying, “I’ve made more memories during my stay in Japan!”

Personal Story

“The most memorable experience was recently serving a customer from the Czech Republic. Although there was a language barrier since the customer didn’t speak much English, overcoming this barrier through service and connecting on a personal level is something I will never forget.”

By sharing this interview, I hope to give you a better understanding of the women working in Japan’s escort services and enhance your experience in Japan.

Q&A Session

Q1: Thank you for joining us today, Rika.

Thank you for having me.

Q2: Do you have a lot of foreign customers?

Yes, indeed. The number of tourists has increased significantly over the past few years, and we see many foreign customers now.

Q3: I see. What countries do your customers come from?

Customers come from a wide variety of countries. We have visitors from the USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, and also from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and many more. Recently, I had memorable customers from Iceland and Singapore. We even get people from less common countries like the Czech Republic.

Q4: Have you ever had trouble communicating with customers during your sessions because of language barriers?

Surprisingly, not really. I can speak basic English, but some customers aren’t very fluent. In those cases, we sometimes use translation apps, but more often than not, body language and physical communication are enough. Words aren’t necessary. Words really aren’t necessary!

Q5: What mindset do you have when you go to meet a customer?

At first, I feel nervous, but I always go with the mindset of “Let’s enjoy this together!” I aim to have fun together with the customer, and I want them to enjoy our time as much as possible.

Q6: How was your first escort experience?

When I first met a customer in a luxury hotel lobby, I was very nervous, but I quickly relaxed and enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve met many interesting people and had great experiences.

Q7: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing customers relax and leave with a smile makes me feel truly happy about my job. I feel like I’ve helped them create more memories of their time in Japan. That’s the most rewarding part for me.

Q8: What do you pay special attention to during your work?

I always maintain respect and gratitude towards my customers. I try to be mindful of cultural differences and preferences. Additionally, I make sure to stay clean and pay attention to details.

Q9: What led you to start working in escort services?

After graduating from university, I worked at a regular company, but I felt it wasn’t a good fit for me. Through a friend’s introduction, I joined this industry and now I’m very satisfied with my job.

Q10: What is the biggest challenge in escort services?

Meeting new customers for the first time is always nerve-wracking, but turning that into excitement is one of the great aspects of this job. Working with customers and constantly having new experiences is challenging but very rewarding.

Q11: What do you think is the charm of Japanese escort services?

Japanese escort services are known for their hospitality and detailed service. Providing tailored service to each customer is the charm of Japanese escort services.

Q12: Do you have a message for foreigners who are thinking of using escort services in Japan?

Many people who come to Japan already like the country, so I want to say thank you! Using an escort service in a foreign country can be nerve-wracking, but the cast at “Luxurious Moments” are very kind and friendly. They go out of their way to communicate beyond language barriers, so please come with the mindset of “Let’s enjoy this!” Thank you for listening. I look forward to meeting you!


In this interview, we shared the real voices of women working in escort services. I hope this helps alleviate any concerns you may have about using these services. If you’re interested, please experience Japanese escort services. It will surely become an unforgettable memory of your stay in Japan!

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