Get Condoms and Increase Your Peace of Mind Fivefold! Top 3 Stores in Shinjuku to Buy Condoms Suited for Foreigners



Finding yourself without a condom when you’re about to get intimate can be really frustrating, right? One challenge that male foreigners face in Japan is finding condoms that fit properly. Differences in size and limited options can be significant barriers.

Fortunately, there are stores in Tokyo that cater specifically to foreigners, making it easier for visitors to find condoms that suit their needs. From my own experience, using the right size condom is crucial, especially since the wrong size can affect comfort and effectiveness. This information is particularly useful for foreigners who might not have enough guidance.

Guide to Popular Condom Shops in Shinjuku for Foreigners

This guide introduces popular condom shops in Shinjuku that are favored by foreigners, detailing the products and services each store offers. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to confidently purchase the right condom and enhance your sense of security during your stay in Japan.

Don Quijote Shinjuku Store

Don Quijote is a major shopping destination in Shinjuku that offers a wide variety of products. This 24-hour store is particularly popular among foreign tourists and carries a broad selection of larger-sized condoms, providing various sizes and features. This variety makes it easier for foreigners to find products that suit their needs.

Don Quijote Shinjuku Store

Loft Shinjuku

Loft Shinjuku is a popular store that offers a wide range of household goods, including health and beauty products. This store has a substantial selection of condoms sized for foreigners and staff who can communicate in English, making shopping hassle-free for tourists. This makes Loft an especially convenient shopping option for foreign visitors.

Loft Shinjuku


Condomania is highly recommended and worth visiting during your stay in Japan. It offers a variety of unique designs and high-quality products, providing a new perspective on choosing condoms. This store is particularly popular among those who care about the quality of condoms or want to try different types.


Quality and Innovation in Japanese Condoms

Japanese condoms are globally recognized for their quality, with brands like Sagami Rubber Industries gaining international fame. Japanese-made condoms often feature unique designs and textures, providing excellent usability. These distinctive features make Japanese condoms worth trying compared to products from other countries.

Enjoying Safe and Comfortable Experiences in Japan

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This article introduced stores in Tokyo that offer condoms in sizes suitable for foreigners, such as Don Quijote and Loft, where a wide variety of designs and sizes are available, making them accessible for foreign tourists. Japanese-made condoms are known for their high quality and are highly regarded worldwide. These stores offer Japan-specific products, providing a perfect opportunity to try something new during your stay in Japan. We hope this information helps make your stay in Japan richer and more memorable. During your visit, take advantage of these high-quality condoms to discover new aspects of Japan and enjoy delightful experiences. And through legal services, ensure personal safety while deepening your cultural understanding.

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