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Born in Tokyo. Doctor. Entrepreneur.
A travel writer and travel producer who has traveled to 50 countries around the world.
After several years of working overseas for a major Japanese company, I started a travel agency for wealthy clients.
Currently, I am involved in the management of several restaurants and service businesses for inbound tourists, while making it my life’s work to convey Japan’s “provocative charm” to foreign visitors.
I lead a dual life based in Tokyo and Atami (Japan’s top hot spring tourist destination), spending half of the year traveling abroad.


Memories of Japan that will last for 3 years!

“Since I’m in Japan, I want to try the nightlife,” “I want to hang out with a Japanese girl, but I don’t know which shop to go to,” “The reservation process is complicated, English is not understood, and it’s a hassle,” “Everywhere seems shady, and I don’t know which place is good.”
Have you ever thought like this?
SamuraiNight is your guide to Japan’s nightlife, specialized for tourists.

For everyone visiting Japan, we provide a smooth and stress-free escort service experience, perfect for sharing stories with friends over drinks, both during your trip and after returning home.
We are confident it will be the highlight of your trip.

Three Weaknesses of Japan’s Escort Services

  1. Many shops offer services designed for Japanese customers to foreign tourists without any adaptation.
  2. The reservation process is complicated and troublesome, and English is not usually understood.
  3. Most businesses are run by organized crime, leading to security concerns and potential troubles for tourists.


  1. Providing real information about Japan’s nightlife and escort services in English, leveraging my experience as both a traveler and a manager in the hospitality industry for foreign tourists.
  2. Offering a stress-free escort experience that can be booked in 5 minutes using just your smartphone.
  3. Introducing safe and reliable shops for free, backed by a travel professional who is a CEO of a travel company and a graduate of a top university.

In offering a safe and reliable escort experience, we are like the “Disneyland of the night” for tourists.

“We were able to try Japan’s escort services thanks to this site.”

“SamuraiNight gave us the best memories.”

“We were nervous before going, but it was incredibly fun!”

We receive messages like this daily on WhatsApp.

The Story of SamuraiNight

Zen, Backpacking, and Okama Bars

Influenced by my grandmother, a tea ceremony master, I grew up familiar with tea ceremony and Zen. I seriously immersed myself in Zen practice in high school and have been practicing Zen for 20 years.
While in medical school, I discovered a love for travel and backpacked through 50 countries. To fund my travels, I worked in various jobs, including traditional Japanese restaurants, publishers, and guesthouses.
I also worked as a bartender at the famous “Okama Bar” in Shinjuku 2-chome (I’m straight, but my muscular body was popular with the patrons).
I started working as an office staff in a delivery health service and quickly rose to the position of assistant manager due to my abilities. Although the job was rewarding and paid well, I decided to leave to avoid getting stuck and traveled to Thailand.

Amazed by the Entertainment of Thai Nightlife

I visited a go-go bar in Bangkok and was shocked by the entertainment value of Thai nightlife, which combines tourism with entertainment services.
The cast and staff were cheerful, and just being there made me feel good. The impact of the service was incredible, not just enjoyable, but also providing great stories to share over drinks with friends later.
These experiences make for great souvenir stories, leaving lasting memories and providing multiple layers of enjoyment from a single visit.

Japan Needs a Nightlife Evangelist!

The number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing every year. Japan has rich tourist resources, including gourmet food, traditional culture, and anime content, all at relatively low prices and with good safety.
However, there is one thing missing: an entity to clearly convey the charm of Japan’s nightlife and escort services and to produce those experiences.

I want tourists to enjoy exotic entertainment experiences that will be memorable for years and provide great stories to share over drinks!

The Launch of SamuraiNight

In preparation for launching the blog, I conducted surveys with 200 foreign tourists at guesthouses in Tokyo to listen to customer feedback and research needs and services.
The results showed that many, or rather a lot, of foreign tourists want to use Japan’s escort services and need useful information.

At the same time, issues within Japan’s escort industry became apparent.
There are difficulties with phone reservations due to the lack of English, unclear systems, and the lack of edgy, uniquely Japanese experiences.
There is also a lack of IT adoption and English support. Services designed for Japanese customers are sold to foreigners without adaptation, despite the different needs.

After three months of research and study, I developed the concept of an “entertainment blog perfect for foreign tourists who want to create impactful memories in Japan,” and began sharing deep and real information that can only be found here, including my own experiences.

I have supported escort experiences for 208 travelers from 35 countries, achieving a satisfaction rate of 87%.

“I finally understood Japan’s escort services thanks to this site!”

“SamuraiNight gave me the chance to enjoy the nightlife!”

“The aftercare was incredibly reassuring!”

I love this activity because it brings the biggest smiles to tourists.
The moment I hear, “I have more memories of Japan!” through impactful experiences that will be remembered for years and talked about over drinks, I feel incredibly happy.


SamuraiNight is an entertainment blog perfect for foreign tourists who want to create impactful memories in Japan.
We produce experiences that are not only enjoyable but also memorable and provide multiple layers of enjoyment from a single visit.
Most of our customers are using Japan’s escort services for the first time.
You may feel “shady” or “anxious.”
However, I believe that I can be of service to those who feel this way by continuing to provide information specifically for foreign tourists.

Our Yamato Nadeshiko cast members are ready to create unforgettable memories with you. If you feel even a slight spark of interest, please send us a message.

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