Comparing Japan Escort to the World: Unique Charm of Japan’s Escort Services—How to Enjoy Japan’s Nightlife 7 Times More!



Ever wondered what Japanese escort services are like? It can be confusing not to know the system or the atmosphere if you’re curious about it. Many foreign visitors to Japan hold a strong interest in Japanese adult entertainment, yet they often find themselves puzzled by the differences between these services and those in their home countries.

However, understanding these differences can significantly enhance your enjoyment of Japan’s nightlife. I too have experienced confusion over rules and services when visiting adult entertainment venues abroad for the first time, but focusing on the differences from my own country’s services helped me to enjoy them safely and more enjoyably.

In this article, I will focus on the differences between the adult services in Japan and other countries, providing specific comparisons. Understanding how Japanese adult services differ from those around the world will improve your nightlife experience in Japan, enabling safe and enjoyable evenings.

The content ranges from explanations of legal nuances to discussions of unique Japanese services like “Sumata”, and personal anecdotes from various international experiences. By the end of this article, you will have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of Japanese adult entertainment and be able to have unforgettable and safe experiences.

Differences Between Global Adult Services and Japan: Insights from Direct Experience

Before discussing the Japanese adult entertainment industry, I’d like to share my experiences with adult cultures I have encountered around the world. My experiences extend to the nightlife of Bangkok, Thailand, Macau, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Each of these places has vastly different legal regulations and cultural backgrounds, offering unique services and experiences.

Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, the nightlife centers around night markets and bar areas, where services are provided in a relatively free atmosphere. Go-go bars and massage parlors are mainstream, allowing for quite explicit negotiations.


Macau is known not only for its lavish casinos but also for its luxurious saunas and escort services. Here, sophisticated services are offered under legal protection, providing a variety of adult experiences.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is famous for its Red Light District, where women advertise themselves from behind windows in a unique style. Here, adult services are completely legalized, ensuring a high level of transparency and a safe environment.

Japanese Uniqueness in Adult Entertainment: Discover the Unique Allure of Japan’s Escort Services

Distinctive Features of Japan’s Adult Industry

When compared to other countries, the most significant feature of Japan’s adult entertainment industry lies in its legal constraints. In many cases, direct sexual intercourse is prohibited by law in Japan, which can be a surprising novelty for foreign visitors. However, this does not lead to dissatisfaction!

Instead, Japan has developed non-penetrative services like “Sumata,” which involves rubbing genitals with the aid of lotion, a technique unique to Japan. This makes the Japanese adult services distinctive. For many foreign visitors, experiencing this technique is a novel and pleasurable moment.

You might think, “No actual intercourse? That must be disappointing!” But the experience of “Sumata” provides such pleasure that it makes you forget such concerns. I was skeptical at first, but the sensation was unexpectedly profound.

The first time I experienced “Sumata,” I was overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure. The sensation of moving smoothly with lotion, without direct genital contact, offers a unique experience not found in adult services of other countries. This technique is a new discovery for foreign visitors and proves that Japan’s adult services offer more than just sexual services.

When this service is performed by a woman with the “Oriental beauty” look typical of Japanese, the excitement is indescribable. The experience stands out from adult experiences in other countries, and the delicate technique using lotion provides a deeper sense of satisfaction. The sophistication of Japanese adult services and the quality of service within a strict legal framework are appealing elements for foreign visitors, showcasing the unique cultural value of this country.

These experiences are insightful, and understanding how Japan’s adult entertainment differs from other countries can be beneficial for other foreign visitors. When you visit Japan, I highly recommend trying this unique “Sumata” at an escort service known as “Delivery Health.” It will offer you a memorable moment unlike any other.

Tips for Enjoying Japanese Escort Services

The Complexity of Japanese Escort Services

In Bangkok and Amsterdam, the sex industry systems are simple, but in Japan, escort services are more complicated. This can be challenging for travelers.

Follow the Local Customs

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” I believe the key is to follow the flow of the local establishments and enjoy the experience accordingly.


Through this article, I have detailed the unique characteristics and attractions of Japanese adult services. From an international perspective, Japan’s services are highly regarded for their safety and legality. Moreover, the unique service of “Sumata” provides a type of pleasure unavailable in other countries.

For all male foreign visitors, I hope this information provides new perspectives and helps you enjoy your experiences in Japan more deeply and safely. Experiencing these services in a safe environment is one of the great attractions of visiting Japan.

Take this opportunity to experience Japan’s unique adult services in a safe and legal way. This experience will not only be entertaining but also offer cultural insights, enhancing your understanding of Japan’s rich cultural fabric.

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