5-Minute Guide to Booking Escort Services in Japan



Tourists, did you know there’s a risk of being scammed by bad escort services in Japan? Malicious businesses often target tourists who are only visiting once. They operate with low advertising costs and aim at foreign visitors.

To avoid being scammed and enjoy a safe escort service, it’s important to choose businesses listed on reputable websites that invest heavily in advertising. These sites have strict listing conditions, ensuring only safe and reliable businesses are featured.

This article will explain how to smartly and safely choose an escort service and detail the booking process. By reading this, you’ll gain the knowledge to select a safe and reliable escort service and book smoothly.

Choosing the Type of Service

What is Delivery Health?

Delivery Health (Deriharu) is a service where an escort visits your hotel or home. It is available throughout Japan, allowing users to relax and enjoy the service at their lodging or a love hotel.

What is Soapland?

Soapland is a service provided in specialized facilities, including a bathing service. In Soapland, the bathing and escort services are combined, and customers receive the service within a specialized facility.

Which Should You Choose?

Choose based on convenience and the experience you desire as a tourist. For example, Delivery Health is convenient as the service comes to your accommodation, while Soapland offers a unique experience within its facilities. However, note that Soapland exists in a legal grey area, and using it may risk arrest. For safety, it is recommended to use Delivery Health.

Finding Tourist-Friendly Establishments

Using Tokyo Night Style

The website “Tokyo Night Style” specializes in information for foreign visitors and is useful for finding safe establishments. It provides abundant information on shops where foreign tourists can feel safe.

Tokyo Night Style

Research to Avoid Bad Shops

To avoid choosing a bad shop, it’s recommended to check reviews on the above sites.

Tokyo Night Style Reviews

This site includes reviews from foreign visitors who have used the services. Additionally, you can refer to Japan’s most popular adult entertainment information site to verify safe establishments.

Tokyo Night Styleのレビュー

Utilizing City Heaven

“City Heaven” has strict listing conditions and only features safe shops, making it a reliable information source. Use this site to check reviews and ratings of shops you’re interested in.

City Heaven

Basic Tips for Using City Heaven

Generally, shops listed on this website can be considered safe. If you need translations for shop names, it may be helpful to directly contact the shop and confirm if they are listed on City Heaven, ensuring phone numbers match on both sites.

City Heavenでの検索

Methods to Avoid Bad Shops

Checking Reviews

Refer to reviews on “Tokyo Night Style” and “City Heaven” to check the experiences of actual users. This helps you select safe shops based on past users’ evaluations.

​ (Japan Friday Night)​

Searching Shop Names

Search for the names of shops you’re interested in on “City Heaven” to confirm if they are listed. This verifies if the shop is recognized by a reliable information source.

Booking Methods

Using WhatsApp and LINE

Escort services that welcome foreign tourists accept bookings via “WhatsApp” and “LINE.” Especially, “LINE” is widely used by Japanese people and has a simultaneous translation function, enabling smooth communication.

Information Needed for Booking

Providing the following information allows for smooth booking:

  • DATE (Date)
  • Time (Time)
  • Course (Play Time)
  • Name (Name)
  • Nationality (Nationality)
  • Language (Language)
  • Hotel (Location)

Experiences of Foreign Tourists

Voices of Actual Users

Japan Friday Night

Introducing specific experiences of foreign visitors, sharing their sense of security. For example, share experiences at “Tokyo Bunny Club” and feedback from users at “Rocket Wife.” This helps readers feel more assured through the voices of actual users.


This article explained specific methods for safely using escort services in Japan. You should now understand how to choose and book safe and reliable escort services.

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