Japan Escort Service Experience – Everything About Nightlife in Japan in a Documentary Style!



Are you interested in escort services in Japan but don’t know how to use them? This situation can be frustrating, right?

Interest in Japanese escort services is increasing among foreign visitors. However, the overall process—from booking to enjoying the service and post-service procedures—is often unclear, leading to anxiety and questions. This uncertainty is a significant barrier, especially for visitors unfamiliar with Japanese culture and language.

Actually, it’s easy to enjoy these services if you know the simple steps!

This article provides a detailed documentary-style guide for foreigners using escort services in Japan for the first time. Based on actual user experiences, it offers specific steps and tips, helping foreign visitors understand how to prepare.

I also felt nervous when I first used adult services in countries like the Netherlands and Thailand because I didn’t know the procedures. However, with the help of a friend familiar with local escort services, I was able to enjoy my experience.

This article, filled with real experiences, will serve as your navigation guide.

So, in this article, I will introduce the voices of foreigners who have used escort services, detailing everything from booking, choosing the right woman, etiquette during the encounter, payment methods, to post-service feedback. Additionally, I will include the service providers’ perspectives and explore how Japanese adult services approach foreign clients.

By the end of this article, you will fully understand how to use Japanese escort services and be ready to make the most of your trip to Japan. Your anxieties about enjoying Japan’s nightlife will be greatly reduced.

This article will be a reliable source of information for foreign visitors planning a Japanese escort experience, helping make their stay more fulfilling. It will address the concerns of foreigners considering using Japanese escort services, deepen their understanding, and help make their time in Japan special.

What is “Delivery Health” (Deriharu)?

“Delivery Health” (Deriharu) is a unique form of escort service in Japan, where staff visit the customer’s specified location (usually a hotel or home). This service operates within the legal framework in Japan, and full intercourse is not allowed, but other sexual services can be experienced.

One of the main attractions of Deriharu is the technique called “Sumata.” This involves using lotion to create pleasurable friction between body parts. This technique is unique to Japan and is very intriguing as a new experience for many foreign visitors.

Sumata is technically challenging and requires experience and skill to perform correctly, but women who master this can provide unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Many foreign visitors have expressed surprise at the greater pleasure they experienced compared to intercourse. This technique often makes visitors addicted, leading them to use Japanese Deriharu services repeatedly.

How to Use Escort Services

1. Inquire via LINE or WhatsApp

First, use LINE or WhatsApp to make an inquiry. These apps have simultaneous translation features, allowing smooth communication. LINE is widely used in Japan, so many services support it.

2. Service Area

The service guides women to city hotels within the 23 wards of Tokyo. Unlike typical adult services that require a “transportation fee,” escort services like “Luxurious Moments” offer this for free.

3. Fee Structure and Additional Charges

There is no special fee for foreigners. Also, you will not be charged more than the fee confirmed on LINE, so you can use the service with peace of mind.

4. First-time User Support

For first-time users, a male staff member will accompany you and read through the precautions. This explanation is done in a friendly manner, so you can relax.

Communication with the Woman

The woman’s English may not be perfect, but she will try her best to communicate. Using translation apps can help make the experience enjoyable.

Service Flow

The basic flow of the service is as follows:

  1. Take a shower together
  2. Enjoy bed play
  3. Take another shower together before saying goodbye

This process ensures a relaxing time.

Details of the Booking Process

Booking a delivery health (deriheru) service in Japan is typically done through phone calls or websites. Users select the type of service, preferred staff, visit date and time, and location, and provide this information to the operator. Some services like “Gotanda Naked Molester or Naked Room Entry” (https://zenra-max.com/) and “Luxurious Moments” (Visit Luxurious Moments) offer English support, making it easier for foreign tourists to use. After confirming the booking, you will meet the staff at the designated location.

Service Experience

The actual deriheru experience involves various stages from the initial meeting to the completion of the service. For example, according to John Doe (pseudonym), “The woman was cheerful and communication was enjoyable. The provided sexual services were erotic. The conversation after the finish was lively, and I spent a very relaxing time.” In this way, deriheru provides a friendly and approachable service.

Tips to Avoid Culture Shock

Japanese adult entertainment culture is unique and often unfamiliar to many foreigners. It is recommended to understand the service content in advance and not hesitate to ask questions about any uncertainties. Staying calm even if the service differs from your expectations can help avoid cultural misunderstandings.

With this information, foreign visitors can enjoy Japanese deriheru services with confidence. For those seeking new cultural experiences as part of their trip to Japan, such services can open new doors.

Booking Methods

Escort services that welcome foreign visitors commonly accept reservations via messaging apps like “WhatsApp” and “LINE”. However, staff may not be fluent in English, making phone confirmations uncertain. Messaging ensures accurate responses to your questions and keeps a record for later reference. Many escort services support “WhatsApp,” but “LINE” is the most familiar SNS for Japanese people and has simultaneous translation features for smooth communication.

To ensure a smooth and secure booking process, provide the following information:

  • DATE:
  • Time:
  • Course (playtime):
  • Name:
  • Nationality:
  • Language:
  • Hotel (location):

Painful Experience of Being Scammed on the Street

Many “Professional Scammers” in Shinjuku

Shinjuku has many “professional scammers” targeting tourists. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Japan, never listen to any service solicitations on the street. The streets are lawless zones where, if any trouble arises, there’s no place to complain, and the scammers can easily escape.

Choose from Reputable Portal Sites

It is essential to choose places that are properly listed on reputable portal sites. Even if someone on the street tells you, “This is the place from this website,” never believe them.

My Own Experience of Being Scammed

I was actually scammed! I used an escort service introduced by a man who approached me on the street, and it was a big failure. I was supposed to meet a slender, big-breasted beauty named Megumi, but the person I met was an overweight woman of unknown nationality.

Since you have come all the way to Japan, I don’t want you to experience the same failure as SamuraiNight!!

Complete Deriheru Experience – Through Actual User Voices

Among Japan’s adult entertainment, deriheru holds a unique place. Although it operates within Japan’s legal framework prohibiting penetration, it remains highly popular and continues to evolve to meet diverse needs.

John Doe’s experience was highly positive: “At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was surprised after using the service. The staff was very professional and provided a service filled with Japanese cultural hospitality and detailed care.” John started by booking through a website, selecting his preferred staff, and specifying the time and place. After the staff arrived at the designated hotel, they engaged in light conversation before offering a relaxing massage. John expressed gratitude after the service, and the staff politely left the room.

Tourist Experience with “Luxurious Moments” – Liam’s Story

Liam had an enjoyable time with an escort named Rika from “Luxurious Moments.”

Meeting Rika

  • Age: 22
  • Features: Small and cute Japanese girl
  • Personality: Cheerful, talkative, always ensuring her partner’s happiness and satisfaction


Rika is petite, standing at 148 cm, with beautiful natural B-cup breasts, nicely shaped nipples, and a small but well-formed round butt. Her petite figure is highly sensual, especially when she kneels to please you, making you feel like a giant king.


Rika’s hospitality is top-notch. She greeted me with a smile, took my coat, hung it in the closet, and prepared the bath. She always asked about my preferences and fetishes (kissing, licking, nipple play, oral sex, outdoor sex, etc.) to fully satisfy my desires.


Rika is highly skilled. One of her techniques is thoroughly washing your penis and balls while you sit on a small bathroom chair. She also excels at wet oral sex using lots of saliva and stimulating sessions with oil massages. Rika has her own oil bottle and applies it generously while providing oral pleasure.

Rika is funny, endlessly entertaining, and an adorable small girl. She meticulously washed my body in the shower, relaxing me, and then delighted me with her wet mouth and slippery oil massage techniques. I enjoyed my time with Rika immensely and plan to use the service again.

Through such experiences, foreign visitors can understand that Japanese deriheru is more than just an adult service. It combines Japanese hospitality culture and professionalism, offering a safe and high-quality service. Cultural understanding and proper expectations are key to maximizing this unique experience.

Tips to Impress in Escort Services

Impressing in Japanese Escort Services is Very Easy

I use Japanese escort services 100 times a year, and I’ll share my special tips with you.

1. Grooming

  • Trim and file your nails
  • Shave your beard again just before using the service
  • Pay attention to body odor and sweat

2. Oral Care

  • Brush your teeth just before, leaving a fresh trace

3. Consideration for the Woman

  • Prepare a drink for the woman. Recommended choices are “water” and “tea”

4. Importance of First Impressions

  • Politely bow while saying “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” in Japanese. This will be very well received

5. Let’s Try It!

Follow these tips and enjoy the nightlife in Japan!

Summary of the Deriheru Experience: A Bridge to Cultural Understanding

This article has unraveled the full scope of the Japanese deriheru experience. While many foreign visitors are interested in this unique form of entertainment, there is often anxiety about understanding the entire process. This article explained every step, from booking to service enjoyment and aftercare.

Call to Action

For foreigners visiting Japan, consider the following actions:

  • Choose Reliable Services: Selecting trustworthy service providers like “Luxurious Moments” ensures a safe and high-quality experience. These services prioritize customer satisfaction and are sensitive to cultural backgrounds.
  • Understand Cultural Backgrounds: Japanese adult services are not just entertainment but have unique cultural contexts. Understanding this is essential for a richer experience.
  • Prepare Appropriately: Learning about the service flow and etiquette beforehand is crucial. In Japan, politeness and manners are highly valued, and observing these ensures a comfortable experience.

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