What are the 2 words that got a girl to provide enriched services?


Japanese Phrase Guide to Enjoy Tokyo Escort Services 100 Times More


Isn’t it tough when you spend a lot of money on an escort service and it turns out to be just mediocre? Many foreign men face language barriers when using Tokyo’s escort services, which can make it hard to have a satisfying experience. In fact, just knowing a few simple phrases can make your experience with Japanese escort services 100 times more enjoyable. I remember my regrettable experience when I first visited a brothel in Bangkok due to poor communication. However, learning just a few simple Thai phrases dramatically improved my interactions. As a result, I had an experience that was 5 times more enjoyable, twice as intense, and 100 times more valuable. Therefore, this page will introduce some basic Japanese phrases useful when using escort services, with specific phrases that help communication with girls. By the end of this article, you will have the tools to enjoy Japan’s nightlife 100 times more.

Tips to Impress in Escort Services

Impressing in Japanese Escort Services is Very Easy

I use Japanese escort services 100 times a year, and I’ll share my special tips with you.

1. Grooming

  • Trim and file your nails
  • Shave your beard again just before using the service
  • Pay attention to body odor and sweat

2. Oral Care

  • Brush your teeth just before, leaving a fresh trace

3. Consideration for the Woman

  • Prepare a drink for the woman. Recommended choices are “water” and “tea”

4. Importance of First Impressions

  • Politely bow while saying “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” in Japanese. This will be very well received

5. Let’s Try It!

Follow these tips and enjoy the nightlife in Japan!

Naughty Words to Remember

Since you came all the way to Japan, you should at least learn some naughty words. You might even impress your friends!

Ikku: Ejaculate

Kimochii: Feels good from sexual pleasure

Hentai: Pervert

Conversation with Girls

Including Japanese keywords in your communication can quickly reduce the distance between you and the girls, making it easier to receive enriched services. John, an American, mentioned how saying “You are beautiful” during his escort experience in Tokyo significantly improved the woman’s response and enhanced the quality of the service he received. Simple Japanese phrases can bridge goodwill and trust, facilitating smoother communication and leading to memorable experiences in Japan.

Useful Phrases for Conversations with Girls

  • “You are beautiful.”
    • Japanese expression: 綺麗ですね
    • Pronunciation: [Kirei desu ne]
  • “You are cute.”
    • Japanese expression: 可愛いですね
    • Pronunciation: [Kawaii desu ne]
  • “You are sexy.”
    • Japanese expression: セクシーですね
    • Pronunciation: [Sekushī desu ne]
  • “I want to French kiss.”
    • Japanese expression: フレンチキスがしたいです
    • Pronunciation: [Furenchi kisu ga shitai desu]
  • “Will you talk orally?”
    • Japanese expression: フェラをしてくれる?
    • Pronunciation: [Fera o shite kureru?]
  • “Can you give me a hand job?”
    • Japanese expression: 手コキしてくれる?
    • Pronunciation: [Tekoki shite kureru?]
  • “Can you give me a tit job?”
    • Japanese expression: パイズリしてくれる?
    • Pronunciation: [Paizuri shite kureru?]
  • “May I seduce you?”
    • Japanese expression: クンニしていい?
    • Pronunciation: [Kunni shite ii?]
  • “May I lick your butt?”
    • Japanese expression: お尻をなめていい?
    • Pronunciation: [Oshiri o namete ii?]
  • “Please tell me if it hurts.”
    • Japanese expression: 痛かったら言ってね
    • Pronunciation: [Itakattara itte ne]
  • “Can we have anal sex?”
    • Japanese expression: アナルセックスできる?
    • Pronunciation: [Anaru sekkusu dekiru?]
  • “It feels so good!”
    • Japanese expression: とても気持ちいいです!
    • Pronunciation: [Totemo kimochi ii desu!]
  • “I’m about to come!”
    • Japanese expression: いきそうです!
    • Pronunciation: [Iki sō desu!]
  • “Thank you!”
    • Japanese expression: ありがとう!
    • Pronunciation: [Arigatō!]
  • “I want to see you again.”
    • Japanese expression: また会いたいです
    • Pronunciation: [Mata aitai desu]

These phrases are basic communication tools that help deepen and enjoy your escort experience in Japan. Using approachable words and clear intentions can build trust and allow you to receive more fulfilling services. By using these phrases like John, you can maximize your nightlife experience in Japan.

Communication with Girls

Using friendly expressions allows you to receive more personalized services. Words are not just means of communication; they convey emotions and deepen relationships. In fact, Japanese girls are happy when called “cute,” and saying “feels good” motivates them to provide better services. John’s experience shows that mastering these phrases can build closer relationships and create unforgettable experiences. Actively using expressions like “cute” and “feels good” is very effective in creating impressive experiences, making your escort experience in Japan much richer.

The Impact of Friendly Words

From my experience, simply telling an escort girl “You are cute” immediately breaks the ice and leads to memorable enriched services. This simple yet powerful approach provides reassurance and leads to better communication. A single word can greatly enrich your experience in Japan. I particularly emphasize the importance of actively expressing emotions because expressiveness determines the quality of communication and, consequently, the quality of service. Especially in a country like Japan, where there are language barriers, simple and heartfelt phrases have a significant impact.


Through this article, learn basic phrases to overcome the language barrier when using Tokyo’s escort services, preparing for a better experience. Actively using friendly expressions can help create unforgettable memories. Words are more than tools for communication; they connect hearts and bridge cultures. Especially in a country like Japan with high communication barriers, learning basic Japanese phrases can make your stay safer, more enjoyable, and more comfortable.

We encourage you to use the phrases introduced here to fully enjoy Tokyo’s nightlife. Use the expressions learned here to build new connections with Japanese girls and enjoy a rich experience. This will be more than just a part of your trip; it will become an unforgettable memory in your life.

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