【Complete Guide】How to Safely Enjoy Japan’s Escort Services: Booking Methods and Tips!



Are you a foreign visitor interested in Japan’s escort services? Are you worried about language barriers and safety concerns?

Actually, once you understand the system, you can safely use Japan’s escort services.

As an active traveler who has visited 50 countries and an ambassador familiar with Japan’s escort services, I provide information on how to enjoy these services safely and legally.

This page explains in detail the booking methods, pricing systems, and key points to be aware of for each type of adult entertainment service in Japan. Using real experiences from foreign visitors, I will describe the features and usage methods of each type of service in a way that even beginners can easily understand.

By the end of this article, you will have the confidence to use Japan’s escort services and enjoy Japan’s nightlife safely starting tonight.

Basics of Delivery Health

Delivery Health (Deriharu) is a very popular adult entertainment service in Japan where a girl is dispatched to a location specified by the customer. This service emphasizes privacy, allowing many foreign visitors to enjoy it comfortably in their own space. With a price range of $200 to $350, it is an affordable way to enjoy Japanese escort services.

The biggest attractions of Delivery Health are its convenience and privacy. You can easily make a reservation by phone or through the website, choosing from a wide variety of girls. Japanese Delivery Health offers a range of services that can be customized to meet the client’s needs. Reservations can be easily made by phone or online, and services can be received at designated hotels or homes.

Tom from Canada, despite not being confident in his Japanese, used an English-friendly website to make a smooth reservation and had a comfortable experience. Bill from the US tried the unique Japanese service called “Sumata,” which involves using lotion for skin-to-skin contact, and was very impressed by this unique experience reflecting Japan’s adult entertainment culture.

As you can see, Delivery Health is a safe and easy way to enjoy adult entertainment services while staying in Japan. It is especially recommended for those who value privacy and want to relax in their own space. For foreign visitors wanting to experience Japanese culture in a new way, Delivery Health provides unforgettable memories.

The Charm and Booking Method of Soaplands

Soaplands are unique Japanese adult entertainment facilities where customers can experience luxurious services and a glimpse of Japanese culture. However, there are legal gray areas, so caution is needed. Prices range from $350 to $1000.

Soaplands offer complete bathing services and are known for their luxurious interiors and high-quality service. Starting with a bath, you can enjoy various erotic massages and body care, providing an extraordinary experience. The carefully selected beautiful female staff provide attentive service, making it a special experience for many foreign visitors.

James from Australia visited a Soapland on a friend’s recommendation. He made a reservation through the hotel’s front desk and was thoroughly satisfied with the luxurious interior and warm hospitality. James stated, “I experienced Japanese hospitality and was able to relax,” making it a highlight of his trip to Japan.

Reservations are generally made by phone, but English-speaking establishments are increasing. It is important to gather information in advance to smoothly use a Soapland as a foreign visitor. A Soapland experience will undoubtedly become an unforgettable memory in Japan. However, caution is needed due to legal gray areas.

What is an Imekura? Enjoying Themed Adult Entertainment


An Imekura (Image Club) is a unique Japanese adult entertainment service where customers can enjoy unrealistic fantasies with specific scenarios or costumes. You can have the staff play roles such as school teachers, office colleagues, or more unique settings. This service offers a complete escape from reality, especially for those seeking stories or role-play. Prices generally range from $200 to $350.


Reservations for Imekura are usually made in person or by phone. When booking, it is important to choose the desired scenario, costume, and play content in advance and communicate specific requests. This helps the establishment prepare the best experience tailored to your expectations. English-speaking establishments are increasing, making it easier for foreign visitors to access.

Imekura offers a special time that cannot be experienced in reality, making it highly recommended for foreign travelers who want to deeply explore Japanese adult entertainment culture. Through this unique service, you can fully experience Japanese creativity and hospitality.

Enjoying a Pink Salon (Pinsaro) Casually


A Pink Salon (Pinsaro) is an adult entertainment service where you can casually enjoy light oral services while having a drink. These facilities offer a bar-like environment where you can relax and enjoy. Due to its casual nature, it is appealing to those with a busy schedule during their visit to Japan. The cost for 30 minutes is generally $70 to $140.


The biggest feature of a Pink Salon is its ease of use. No reservation is required; you can sit down and receive service as soon as you enter. Visitors sit at a bar counter-like seat and receive services directly from their chosen woman. This ease of use makes it a low-risk and accessible option, especially for travelers with limited time or those experiencing Japanese adult entertainment for the first time.

Pink Salons are loved by many both inside and outside Japan for their ease of use, offering a safe and comfortable option for foreign visitors seeking a quick break in Japan’s nightlife. However, many establishments are illegal and have poor service towards foreign visitors. Many places do not accept foreign customers, so it is best to avoid using them during your visit.

The Appeal of Japanese Delivery Health: A New Experience

For foreign visitors wanting to deeply experience Japanese adult entertainment culture, Delivery Health is recommended. Unlike Soaplands, there is no intercourse, which makes the experience uniquely special in Japan. The technique called “Sumata,” which uses lotion for body contact, provides a sensation that cannot be found elsewhere.

Delivery Health dispatches women to homes or hotels, ensuring privacy, making it safe for first-timers. Reservations can be easily made through phone or websites, with many offering English support, so language barriers are not an issue.

While Soaplands and Pink Salons often involve illegal establishments, Delivery Health is legal, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for customers. The affordable price range of $200 to $350 is also attractive.

Choosing Delivery Health for creating memories in Japan provides not only an adult entertainment experience but also an opportunity to gain cultural insights. Once experienced, you might become addicted to its charm. Through this unique service, immerse yourself in the depth of Japanese hospitality and creative eroticism, creating unforgettable memories.

Conclusion: How to Safely Enjoy Japan’s Adult Entertainment Services

This article has detailed various Japanese adult entertainment services. From Soaplands to Delivery Health, Imekura, and Pink Salons, each service has unique features and plenty of options to suit the experiences sought by foreign visitors. All these services are legal and can be safely enjoyed.

Points for Choosing Services:

  • Personal Preference: If you prefer a relaxed atmosphere, Soaplands are recommended. For casual and easy enjoyment, Pink Salons are suitable.
  • Check Reservation Methods: Some services require reservations, so confirm in advance.
  • Language Support: Many establishments offer English support, but it is reassuring to check beforehand.

Enjoy your time in Japan safely and create unforgettable experiences by choosing the right adult entertainment service for you.

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